Carlos Cenoz
Pamplona 1978.

I studied drawing and painting and been licensed as Technical in Plastics Arts in the Art School of Pamplona.

Early I he worked as graphic designier, and Illustrator, for Alfaro and Berango and after as Art Director in Doña Remedios Comunicación.

I work since 6 years ago as Freelance Concept Artist for firms like Educa Borras, Gamera Nest, Mongoose Publishing, Sigil Entertainment and others.
I done all the art, Concept illustrations, character deseigns, and cover art of the medieval phantasy card game Regnum.
I worked as a concept artist and doing the cover for the video game Malnazidos at Mediaset games.
I also developed my own comic "The Power of Agartha", now for sale on Amazon.
I work in publishing world too, illustrating novels projects, one of them for the film producer and novelist Jose Luis Alemán and developing serveral comic projects as visual developer in Malakistan Republic.

I been selected as one of the 40 best concept artist in 9 position and 40 best character designiers in the 8 position in the website 2017 and 2021.

First prize in audiovisual creativity in the Encuentros Navarra contest in two time in 2002 and 2006.As artist I toke part in some other art events making wall paintings and exhibitions in Spain and other countries.


Im really proud and grateful about this work for Educa Borras. Work for them was delightful. We had a perfect understanding, about the project and the art direction. And even in an express timing we done an hig quality product.
They gived to me a total freedom to develop my work and side by side we done a great job.
I dont ahve anithing more to say... just... LETS PLAY REGNUM!!! !

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Illustrations for the book
"la jaula abierta" Jose Luis Alemán

Proud to have been able to work for a great professional and a great person too, Jose Luis Aleman. It's nice to take part in projects like this novel, to shape someone else's ideas and see how they come to life and see that you contect with the writer perfectly. Thank you very much José Luis, I wish you the success that La Jaula Abierta deserves and I hope that we will collaborate again in future “pelotazos” as I say 🙂. Dont lost your time, BUY IT !


After many time I finished my first comic book. I had wok in other comic projects but this is my own.
I worked on It in my free time so after all this time finish just It is a succes for me.
Its an adventure history about the chasing of a mistyc power object, the Alexander the Great helmet, that gives invulnabitity powers to the one Who bear.
You can buy It in spanish and English versión in Amazon and in this microsite I made.




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